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Fashion Police

While not a fashionista, I think I have a pretty good style sense. Even back when I was obese, I managed to dress stylishly and look well-put together. So it really offends and annoys me when people neglect basic sense when putting themselves together. Honestly, it doesn't take more than a few minutes. It's not a sign of being intellectual to be ill-dressed, really. And it'll make them feel better about themselves. And other people, like me, feel better in general!

Here's what I saw on the streets of Delhi last week:
At the front porch of Le Meridien, a lady, late 40's. And here's what she thought fit to wear - cropped pants; loose, stripey ill-fitting Tshirt. Ankle socks!!! and flat-heeled Mary-Janes. Why ankle socks? Even teenyboppers do not consider it cool anymore! Why flat Mary-Janes - even schoolgirls don't have to wear them anymore. Why cropped pants at a height of barely 5 feet? Urghhh!

And, arriving at a child's birthday party, at 2 pm on a ho…