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Saw this movie last weekend - and was floored. The Indian film industry has really come of age - such an amazing variety of films on a varied lot of subjects, the cinematography and stunts are truly international class now. Abbas-Mastaan have always been known for their thrillers, and race is the latest in the line-up and just right for 2008. It's chock-full of thrills, stunts, BMW cars, horse races, twists and turns, crosses and double-crosses that leave one gasping. Obviously, since it's a thriller, the focus is not on character exploration but on the plot itself, and the movie literally leaves no twist unturned to confound and confute you.

Saif was awesome - he's so sexy - and Akshaye made a lovely, dapper, cheerful villain - not one of the usual broody, uproarious laugh kinds but one who reacts ever-so-casually to each new twist. Sameera Reddy was a total waste of time, and the interaction between her and Anil kapoor would have been better left to one of the new breed o…


Last night, A and I went to the Brand Equity Quiz, amongst the largest quizzes held in India. It felt bitter-sweet to be there, since I wasn't participating this year due to lack of a partner. A and I were quizzing partners for years when we worked for the same company, and we never failed to qualify to be one of the 6 teams that competes to represent the city at the national finals.

I still remember when my love for quizzing first started, way back in school. I was at the International school in Bangkok and our history teacher, Dr. Griffiths, had a way of livening up his classes by having an open quiz every couple of weeks. We had to answer questions turn by turn as we sat, and questions passed on if the previous person hadn't answered correctly. The prize used to be a collection of secondhand paperbacks that you could choose one book from, and I used to win quite often ( this was before I learned that knowing the answers makes you a nerd). I still have the copy of Jaws by Pet…

Barack vs. MCCain - Does it make a difference?

Last week in the latest burst of sniping, McCain apparently wanted to inform Obama that Al Qaeda is in Iraq, in response to Obama's statement that he would support more troops in Iraq if Al Qaeda were there. To which Obama shot back that Al Qaeda had not been in Iraq 4 years ago when it was invaded by the US.

I've long maintained that Al Qaeda's biggest recruiting agent is George Bush (what does he, get a commission for every convert to the cause?) especially after the terribly wrong-headed invasion of Iraq on the flimsiest of excuses. It has only resulted in more fear and resentment of America among Muslims and Muslim countries everywhere, and has turned a relatively secular country into a hardline religiously oriented one, and in neither Afghanistan nor Iraq has democracy been credibly established. Moreover, Vietnam should be proof that an organised army cannot win against guerilla tactics - there's simply no point to continuing the war in Iraq except as a 'save …