Winter's on its way

Human memory is such a funny thing. In the dog days of the summer, when the temperature climbs to over 42 degrees centigrade, one finds it so difficult to imagine a world which is not searingly hot, in which one can take an evening walk without getting reduced to a little grease spot on the floor, and just looking at a sweater while packing for an overseas trip is enough to bring on an attack of heat rash.

During the winters, we get reverse amnesia - one can't remember a day when some body part or other was not frozen, days when we would long to eat ice straight out of the freezer. You can't look at a swimming pool without shivering, particularly during December-January which are unfortunately the only two months of real winter left in Delhi.

The weather has slowly started turning cooler now. The daytime temperature is still at 36 degrees, but at night it falls to 24 and in Gurgaon, even lower. Since our bedroom is adjacent to our rooftop garden, it's all the cooler there, and early mornings are already nippy. A grey wash is on the sky in the early morning ( note - my definition of early is 7 am), and in the evenings, dusk falls quickly. It's dark by seven pm and you can smell the smoke from a hundred bonfires when you walk at night.

One of the things I love about Delhi is the change of seasons. I hate to live in a constant state of anything for too long, so a city with four seasons is ideal for me. There is an air of expectancy to the change of seasons, as if nature and the city are both dying to wear their new wardrobe. Change is interesting - to some people, it is threatening. Me - I like it. The air is laden with possibilities. Boots. Overcoats. Soups. Salads. Come on winter, I'm waiting!


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