I haven't ranted here for quite a while, but the experience of the last few days has been too much. I wrote on this blog earlier about how DLF had subverted residential zoming to make a giant commercial complex of the area we live in.

Well, it started much before that. The colony we live in is a very unlike Gurgaon, high rise place, with row houses and little gardens and lots of parks - ideal for people with kids or older people. DLF apparently found this tiny little space bang in the middle of DLF's land very irksome. So they tried to buy it out, including putting all sorts of pressure. Thankfully, the Coop society which had bought the land originally, was one of media people, so they were able to resist the pressure.

So now DLF has created a new commercial road right behind the colony, and unluckily, that's what our house back on to. Further down the road are several new office buildings, made of glass and cement randomly thrown together in the hope that they stick together - seriously, never saw such an ugly bunch and frankly, so unsuited for Indian conditions. The colony is clogged with the dust raised by so much construction, not to mention the wonderful fragrance of many construction workers doing their thang out in the open.

And then the noise. The new road ( what's a main road with trucks on it doing in the middle of a residential colony anyway) is full of trucks, revving their engines and whine-screeching away half the night. The cvonstruction sites have their cranes and other equipment providing accompaniment by grinding gears and cranking equipment and dropping bricks, iron rods and steel clamps at regular intervals. A giant, unauthorised parking lot has sprung up behind our colony, to host the cars from all those DLF buildings, since the builder doesn't want to provide parking, preferring to think that the employees working in those buildings will fly in on broomsticks. All night, the sounds of arguments between drivers and parking lot attendants, not to mention their choice of raucous music and the irritating sounds cars make while reversing ( jingle bells, jingle bells), keep us up and away from a restful night's sleep.

And this is what India calls develeopment and progress.


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