The List

Y'all know what list...Madmomma asked us to name ours, and mine was:

George Clooney
Denzel Washington
Colin Firth
Pierce Brosnan
Cary Grant - who got Xed out for Saif, since live people are definitely more available than dead ones and Saif is drool-worthy + suave

I do notice a certain pattern in the list - either they're the suave but sense-of-humour types or intense and intelligent.

Back at home, asked A for his list. First some intense squirming and denial of any such list and how he hates talking about such a thing, then, within about 2 seconds, names are spilling out as if he spent his days doing a SWOT analysis of this - and for all I know, now that we don't work together anymore, he actually does spend his day doing this. Such hypocrisy ( she sniffs).

A's list:
Catherine Zeta Jones
Monica Bellucci
Halle Berry
Bipasha Basu
Priyanka Chopra


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