The weather

Sometimes I think the weather God is a malicious little imp who just waits to see what the Indian met department will come up with before doing just the opposite. We in India have had an inkling of this over the years, so, for instance whenever the met bureau predicts rain we know to leave our umbrellas and raincoats at home and whenever they predict a cold wave, we dig out our bikinis and dust off the sun-beds.

But in the last week, they have made even bigger fools of themselves than ever before. It started last week with the Beeb, of all channels, predicting that the current temperature on Tuesday evening was 2.4 degrees C and that it would hit zero within the week. All the Indian media were all over it and the Met bureau issued all kinds of cold front warnings. All schools in NCR declared holidays on Thursday and Friday - only to be greeted with the kind of sunny, warm weather which makes it a delight to be out and about in the winter.

The cold wave warnings done with, once Sunday showed a warm face, the Met Bureau had to put their feet in it again by declaring that Winter was now over and no more cold waves would be seen. People could pack away their sweaters...Lo and behold - this week has been full of snow and icy winds up in the hills and naturally Delhi has been at the receiving end of such a cold front and fog that it could put the Cold War to shame.

Promptly the day after this unholy, unseasonal cold wave began in February, the Met bureau tries to scrape some of the egg off its face by saying - Well, winter's not really over so of course one should expect chilly weather and fog. The day after they say that - yesterday - was an absolutely clear day and sunny during the day to boot!

I have a couple of questions for the Met Bureau:
1. How come you guys always, but always get it wrong? Consistency's not a bad thing, but I'm just saying...
2. How come you always predict it right post-facto?
3. Why do you even bother?


RaisingT said…
Can't wait for the cold wave to end now.. sick of being sick :(
bird's eye view said…
I can imagine - even I'm getting tired of the cold wave and I loathe summer!

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