Saw this movie last weekend - and was floored. The Indian film industry has really come of age - such an amazing variety of films on a varied lot of subjects, the cinematography and stunts are truly international class now. Abbas-Mastaan have always been known for their thrillers, and race is the latest in the line-up and just right for 2008. It's chock-full of thrills, stunts, BMW cars, horse races, twists and turns, crosses and double-crosses that leave one gasping. Obviously, since it's a thriller, the focus is not on character exploration but on the plot itself, and the movie literally leaves no twist unturned to confound and confute you.

Saif was awesome - he's so sexy - and Akshaye made a lovely, dapper, cheerful villain - not one of the usual broody, uproarious laugh kinds but one who reacts ever-so-casually to each new twist. Sameera Reddy was a total waste of time, and the interaction between her and Anil kapoor would have been better left to one of the new breed of sex comedies - it actually slowed things down. Bipasha should sue her dress designer, who concentrated all her attention on Katrina and left Bips looking strangely unsexy a lot of the time. It's time Katrina stopped taking acting lessons from Salman - she brings little or no conviction to her role, which is weird given she did a halfway decent job in Namastey London.

But watch Race if you like fast-paced action thrillers which don't give you a minute to pause and think. And PS. It's about time Khalid Mohammed retired as a critic. He gave Race 2 stars, claiming he couldn't understand the plot and it was too complicated - he's clearly not the TA of the movie and certainly much over the average age of the new young Indian, who's into gaming, Orkutting and a variety of other activities which certainly move faster than the plots of Khalid's films. And I'm a little sick of the whole rhyming sentences in each review - an attempt to appear hip and young but only sounding dated and pretentious!


I love Lucy said…
I did not quite enjoy the movie too.It did not seem intelligent...got the feeling that the twists were added just for shock value.Saif looked terribly sexy though..loved the beard!
karmickids said…
I love you love you love you. I thought I was the only one in the whole wide world who hated Khalids reviews with the vengeance I reserved for bad puns and stale rhymes...the man really has no clue, does he?
bird's eye view said…
That's ok ILL - it was great eye candy and good for a few hours
bird's eye view said…
Seriously, KK, reading his reviews is enough to start Saturday off badly - can't believe he wastes so much of his time coming up with the puerile stuff he does!

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