Flowers Flowers Everywhere

Sadly, in life, you tend to appreciate things more when they are gone. Like all the gardens in the various Lutyens bungalows we lived in while Dad was in the government. Now I have a handkerchief-sized patch of lawn on which you have to really struggle to make even grass grow, and most of my 'trees' grow in pots. But luckily I live in Delhi which in this season is spectacular. All manner of spring flowers are out in a riot of colour – phlox, pansies, poppies, dahlias, mums, Sweet Williams, impatiens and more. The colony I live in has many avid gardeners so it's a joy to walk around and see how different people plan their garden. One lady has a gorgeous Petrea which blooms for barely 15 days but in that time the entire creeper is covered in starry lavender coloured flowers. My gardener unfortunately killed off my petrea but today I'm planning to go shop for it at the Khan Market nursery. Another neighbor plants the flowers in great masses in front of her house so it looks like one of the cottage gardens one sees in England. In fact, her house looks like it belongs in fairy tales. Ours is a somewhat eccentric garden – there's one sand garden with a lotus pond in which hopefully at some point I'll get to see a lotus flower – and not the floating candle kind. A horse and a camel stand sentinel around it.

On the other side, I've planted a pomegranate tree which is still a tiny plant,
and thickly clustered around it are pansies in various colours.

There are roses against the wall,

and various flowering plants to form a border for this small patch.

What do you think of it?


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