Vodafone does it again

26th June 2010

Mr. Martin Pieters,
Vodafone Essar
Peninsula Corporate Park
Ganpatrao Kadam Marg
Lower Parel
Mumbai - 400013

Dear Mr. Pieters,

Re: Terminating Vodafone connection due to terrible service

I realize that one customer terminating the services of your brand may not be very important for a company as large as yours. However, it may still interest you (in case the company is at all interested in actually providing service rather than grief to its customers), to understand why I am terminating a 14 year old relationship with Essar/ Hutch/ Vodafone.

I had written to you in May regarding the problem I was facing. While that elicited an immediate response, for which I thank you, of having my phone connectivity restored, I still did not receive the bill until much after the due date, and then only after I requested for duplicate copies of the same. I was therefore forced to make a blind payment this month, without seeing the detailed bill, which I am sure you would agree is highly unfair to the customer.

I then received an sms from Vodafone on 26th June 2010, stating that my current bill is for Rs. 1771, due on 12th July. However, from this morning onwards, every time I make a call, I get a recorded message stating that while my Vodafone services are still active, I need to make immediate payment or service to my number will be terminated. When I called up your grievance number, 198, to complain about the same, I was informed that I had to make payment within 24 hours in order for the situation to be rectified, as my bill was over my credit limit, even though my bill has regularly been to the amount of Rs. 2000 and more per month for the past 5-6 years.

Therefore, firstly, I fail to see how my current bill is above the credit limit. Secondly, I fail to see why I should be arm-twisted into paying my bill much in advance of the due date. Is Vodafone's deficit really that large? Thirdly, I fail to see why the company is bent on harassing me in this way. I am sending this complaint on to TRAI as well as to Shri Gajendra Upadhyaya, Vodafone's General Manager of Regulatory Affairs. My previous complaint was also forwarded to him by TRAI. Needless to say, I have yet to hear from him or anyone else from Vodafone.

Disgustedly no longer a Vodafone customer,


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eve's lungs said…
I'm tired of Vodafone too . Thinking of switching over to Uninor
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